Second Life Real Estate Agent at Virtual World Estate

Virtual World Estate is a real estate agent dealing in land rental properties in the virtual world Second Life. We have an extensive range of property for rent to meet all types of needs including virtual homes, offices, stores, farms, storage, and vendor machine dropboxes.

Second Life Real Estate Agent Storefront

Second Life Real Estate Agent

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find a place to call home in the virtual world and we offer a personal agent to assist you with any inquiries you have about your rental.


Our head office is located in Mendoza's Shopping Mall at Hotei. You can find us on the SL map at

You can also search for "Virtual World Estate" using the inworld search tool.

Second Life Land for Rent

Now you know a little about us we suggest you look at the second life land rental listings page to see what we have on offer.

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