Graphic Artist Business in Second Life

The second life virtual world allows people to enter a fantasy world and play out their dreams. I will tell you how you can do business in Second Life if you are a graphic artist.

Graphic Artist Business in Second Life

When people want to play out their virtual dreams in Second Life they will need to dress their avatar in a way that assists them to realise their fantasy. As a graphic artist, you can design clothing and other items to sell which people can use on their avatar.

Find a Niche

Making general clothing will be very hard to market but starting off in a niche that you enjoy can be an easier way to begin. One example of this would be making clothing for a specific time frame such as clothing form the 60s and 70s. Another suggestion may be to make clothing to match a special genre such as sci-fi or cartoon looking clothing. The options are endless so use your imagination and creative skills to guide you.

Create Your Products

Create a few products and get some experience in designing. Making your first few products will take a lot of learning because getting everything right and uploaded to SL takes practice. You can try your designs on your own avatar to see how they will look.

Open a Store

When you have completed some products it will be time to set up a store and sell them. For most beginners, I suggest renting a small space to sell your items so you do not have to spend a lot of money on land until you are making money. You can find shopping malls and marketplaces with store rentals inside Second Life and I have also made a list of second life shopping mall store rentals for you. When your store has been set up you can run ads in Second Life classifieds to promote your store under the menu option (Me > Picks).

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