Ten Steps to Save Money in Second Life by Renting Land

Living your virtual dream in the Second Life virtual world is a great way for anybody to step out of the real world and try something that may not be possible or is not attainable in the real world. People are always looking for land to place their virtual home and office and when you start doing this you will soon find the cost of buying land can be expensive and eats into your profit if you want to sell items and run a business. You can rent land in second life and build your business or home on rented land which will give you the option of choosing what land you want to rent and how long you want to rent it for without paying all the membership fees and land use fees. Buying land should be a long long-term option because selling your land for profit may take a long time because new land is for sale all the time. When you rent land you can then work on that land as if it was your own. Renting land in Second Life is easy and you can find some land for rent in our list of SL land for rent.

Save Money by Renting Land in Second Life

Here a guide to renting land you can play on or do business on in Second Life

  1. Decide what you want to do in the virtual world and what you want to achieve.
  2. Learn about the land maturity ratings and decide if you need to be on general land, moderate land or adult land.
  3. Create a landmark in Second Life for each parcel you think you may want to rent. You can use the search feature to find land rentals or search in the marketplace. You can also see our land for rent in Second Life here.
  4. Look at each parcel of land by viewing the about land option which will be in a menu if you click the right mouse button when pointing the mouse cursor over the land.
  5. Take note of the area in the general tab and the parcel land capacity in the objects tab. These will tell you how many objects the land can take and how much space the land parcel occupies. Many land parcels for rent will have a rental bod or vendor to click on so it is important you get the information about the m2 and object allowance entitled to you under the rental because it may be less than the land's total if your landlord is keeping some extra for the rental system or other visual aspects of the land included with your rent.
  6. When you are comfortable that you have found a land parcel that is in the correct maturity rating and correct size and object allowance you can go ahead and rent the land.
  7. I always find it nice when a tenant sends me a message and tell me they have rented some land and a little about their store or what they are doing. This is optional but it is a nice way to reach out to your landlord and see if they can be of any assistance. If the landlord is open to assist you then you may want to ask them to change the land parcel name and the description match your needs. This can only be done if the land you are renting is subdivided and you are renting the entire parcel. If your renting space on shared land then the land details cannot be changed exclusively for you.
  8. Landmark your rented property and do not lose that landmark so you can find your way back. You can also add it to your picks so it can be found in your profile.
  9. Start building on the land and enjoying your new rental property. Your virtual dreams are now underway and you have taken the first step to making it happen.
  10. Be sure to renew your rent on time or early as most rental systems will evict you if your rent is late and everything you have placed on the land will be returned to your inventory making you lay out everything again.
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