Second Life Land Rental

Second Life Land Rental with VWE

Below is a list of rental land parcels in the Second Life virtual world. These land rentals can be used for many purposes.

Land Rental Tips

Adverting Space: Our Advertising space is best suited for advertising or small shops that do not require a lot of items to be placed on the land.

m2 (sqm): Land is rented to you in square meters (m2).

Prims: Each land parcel has a limited amount of objects that can be placed on the land. This restriction is called the land impact. The amount of land impact an object occupies is determined by the number of primitives (prims) it is made up of. Some objects require many different shapes to be connected together which means they take up more prims. For example, for a basic house if you make a cube and make it hollow it will be one prim, if you add a wall on one side of the hollow cube it will become two prims and if you add a triangle to the roof it will become three prims.

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