Shopping Mall Rental Space in Second Life

Selling your products in second life can be an exciting venture and watching people buy and use your creations while you make a profit is what excites many SL creators. After you create your items you will need a place to sell them and that is when shopping mall rental is great.

Shopping Mall Rentals in Second Life

Virtual World Estate offers second life shopping mall rentals in good quality areas within Second Life. Each rental is divided into meters and the amount of prims you are allocated for your items. The price will be different depending on the space and prims you wish to use. Most mall rentals charge weekly rent with the first rental payment requiring a commitment of two or three weeks.

Available Mall Space Rentals

We currently have space available in the mall at Hotei:

We have a list of available shopping mall space rentals on our available rentals page.

Tips for Our Future Tenants

  1. Have your products ready before you start your rental so you can set up your store and begin selling right away.
  2. Use vendor machines like CasperVend. You can get the most use of the prim allocation for your rental by using a low impact vendor such as a flat wall vendor. This system is easy to set up and will make it easy for your customers to browse your products.
  3. Make sure you read the shopping mall rental conditions notecard you will be sent when you begin your tenancy.
  4. Contact your rental manager if you need help.
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