A Guide to Places for Selling Your Creations in Second Life

Selling your creations in second life can be a rewarding experience because you know people want the thing you have made. There are ways you can sell the items you have created in second life, and I will cover a few of them as well as my recommendation.

Selling Your Creations in Second Life

When you have created something you want to share with other residents, you can offer it for sale. One of the most popular ways is to put it on the SL Marketplace for people to find it. Another popular method is to offer it for sale in the virtual world by setting the click option to buy the object. The third way and the one I prefer is to make the items available from a vendor inside a shopping mall.

Second Life Vendor Explained

A vendor is a box which will display your products and assist and your customers with the sales process. People can browse your products in your vendor then purchase them, and they will get delivered to that resident's inventory. There are many vendor systems to choose from, including CasperVend. These systems are easy to set up, and if you use a networked vendor system, you can place a vendor in many different malls and only update your product listing in one place.

There are two common types of vendor displays. The display which is popular in shopping malls is a wall vendor which is designed to go on a wall or flat surface. The other typical type of unit people use is a floor vendor with a built-in stand so you can place the vendor on the floor in a location away from a wall. They both have their advantages, and deciding what one to use will depend on where you will be placing your vendor.

Multiple and Single Vendor

When you are going to set up a vendor, you will have the choice of using a multi-vendor which can have many of your products displayed or a single vendor which will only show one of your products. When you use a single vendor, it can help attract people to a particular product.

Spaces to Place Your Vendor

Now you have decided what type of vendor you want to use you need some shopping mall space to place them in. When you are first getting started, I recommend you find some wall space to put your vendor use wall vendors. The best places to place your vendors are in shopping malls or market places. One example of this is Mendoza's Shopping Mall in Hotei, which offers vendor wall space for a reasonable price and is the right place for people new to selling their products.

SL Shopping Mall Rentals

When you rent space in a shopping mall within Second Life, you will be renting the area from the landowner. You will have some space allocated to you measured in meters, and a limit of object prims you are allowed to use which will ensure enough land impact is available for all tenants of that mall to place their vendor or products. As an example: A limit of 12 prims means the vendor you place in your rental space cannot have more than 12 prims. If you are using single vendor displays that use only on prim, you may be able to get 12 of them in your space. If you use a vendor with multiple items displayed at the same time, you will use more prims. If you place your logo or a sign near your vendor, it will also use part of your allocated prim count.

We have a list of available shopping mall space rentals on our available rentals page.

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