Shopping in Second Life Virtual World

Imagine a day out shopping and being able to travel an entire universe of stores with clothing, jewelry, gadgets, and everything in between. You can do this in the virtual world Second Life.

Shopping in Second Life

There are so many things on offer from sellers within second life, including furniture that you can have your avatar sit on, radios that play real-world radio stations and lighting to help you run a virtual club. I can go on forever about the range of stuff I have found, but I want you to get into it and look for yourself.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you have to check out the massive range of fashion available. You can buy clothing and jewelry from a lot of different sellers and customize your seconde life avatar in thousands of ways to be how you want. Shopping to the extreme like this is a real kick when you get going. Don't believe me? I dare you to try it.

How People Shop in The Virtual World

There are two ways to shop in the virtual world.  One is just browsing the SL market place for the items you want, placing the order which will be delivered to your inventory. Many people shop like this, but in my opinion, it is no more of an experience than other online stores in the real world. Just online shopping for virtual goods. The second way to buy things is more interesting, which is to walk around shopping malls and stores inworld using the second life browser. This is fun, and in some places, there are demos and huds (heads up displays), so you can wear and demo a product before you purchase it. If you enjoy doing a bit of shopping for fun, then this is a great way to do it.

Places to Shop in Second Life

I know you want to know where to shop so I will help you out here. You can use the search option to find malls and stores that sell items you are seeking. Many malls will have vendor machines containing products that can easily be purchased. Malls like Mendoza's in Hotei have a range of items from many vendors, including furniture, DJ gear, and signage. There are more massive malls that take up an entire SL region which you can which are useful if you enjoy window shopping, and making the occasional purchase. I recommend you give it a try and you will be surprised how enjoyable it is.

Tips for Shopping in Second Life

  1. Make sure the clothing you buy will work on your avatar. Some clothing items are designed for a specific type of Avatar. Mesh clothing is often not compatible with older avatars and requires the mesh avatar that it was created to be used with.
  2. See if you can view an in-world demo of items you are buying so you know exactly what you are paying for. If there is no demo, don't blame anybody else if you get ripped off when it is not working for you. Same if you purchase from the market place website, if you can't see it and can't try it, why would you buy it?
  3. Check the permission on items you want to buy. Item permissions include permission to copy, modify, transfer. I suggest you never buy items with no-copy because it is easy to lose them. Also, consider avoiding no-modify objects items if they are things you would like to have altered for your needs and personal taste.
  4. Stop and say hello. When you see somebody while you are shopping, remember to be friendly and say hello. Maybe the people you meet know another shop you can visit that will interest you.
  5. Arrange your inventory into categories by creating folders and place your purchases into a suitable category. Then you can easily find items you have purchase later. I suggest a category structure similar to "Objects > Purchased > Furniture", "Textures > Purchased > Clothing" depending on what you are purchasing.

Enjoy Shopping

I hope this helps you get into the mood for SL shopping. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

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