Second Life Shopping Mall Space for Rent

Starting a shop in second life can be an enjoyable experience when you have the right location and products. Here at Virtual World Estate, we have established shopping mall space so you can move in and start a shop right now.

Second Life Shopping Mall Space Rentals Available

Second Life Shopping Mall Space for RentBelow is a list of shopping mall locations that are offering rentals to vendors in Second Life who want to sell products. You can move in now and sell your products.

Lill Burn Valley - NONE
Black Lion - NONE

Why You Should Rent Store Space

Renting a place to sell your products in second life will get you selling faster because you can pay the rental system then start placing your items for sale in your shop immediately. You can save money by renting because you do not need a premium membership to rent one of our shopping mall store spaces and you do not need to pay land ownership fees.



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